How to Adjust Sliding Glass Shower Doors


When your sliding glass shower doors are not operating smoothly, it’s best to repair them quickly. Over time a shower door that drags on the lower track can damage both the door and the track, leading to a greater repair expense. A roller that drags on the upper track can also wear down requiring replacement. The first thing to do is to make sure that both doors are riding properly on the tracks inside the upper rail. It’s possible that simple lifting the door to guide the rollers back onto the track can repair the issue. If that attempt fails to rectify the dragging roller problem, removing the door to adjust, or even replace the rollers would be the next logical step. Check your doors for which type of configuration you have. Many come with a small plastic guide in the middle of the lower rail that simply requires you to remove a screw to release the guide. You may otherwise have a guide rail screwed directly to the door. Continue reading “How to Adjust Sliding Glass Shower Doors”

Tile Installation Chicago | Roman Tile Contractors


One of the most experienced tile installers in Chicago

I’m a person who likes to follow latest trends even when it comes to look of my bathroom. I wanted it to look really modern and fresh. So, I decided that getting new tiles will be a great idea. It would completely changed the look of my bathroom. Me and my husband decided that we should find the best tile installers in our area. We were looking for quite a while but finally we hired the best specialists on the market – Roman Tile Contractors. They gave us superb tile installation in Chicago. Thanks to them, my bathroom looks truly amazing. I could not dream of the better people to do that job for me. Working with Roman Tile company was a real pleasure for me. I can highly recommend this company to anyone.

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Bathroom Remodel Northbrook | Luxury Construction

professional batroom remodeling company

The most professional bathroom remodeling contractors in Northbrook

My bathroom was made in really old style and I didn’t really like it anymore so I decided that the time to remodel it has  come. I was thinking about something that would really suit the rest of the house but I didn’t have clear plan what I wanted to do with it. So, I started looking for some good remodeling company and what suprised me –  I found the one truly perfect for me. If you want to get the most professional bathroom remodel from Northbrook – Luxury Remodeling company will be your best option. This company have everything that you have been looking for. They are the most reliable firm that I know. Working with them was incredible experience for me. I can truly recommend them to anyone who is looking for good remodeling company. Continue reading “Bathroom Remodel Northbrook | Luxury Construction”