Tips on Maintaining Floor Drain

Many people tend to ignore floor drains in indoor plumbing. Floor drains usually look like the ones you see in showers and bathtubs because they are flushed with the surface. Real floor drains are found in garages, laundry rooms, patios, driveways and basement floors.
Due to this ignorance, a lot of homeowners don’t maintain their floor drain until it’s too late. You can avoid most issues involving floor drains with simple care and doing some pre-planning.  
Follow these simple maintenance tasks. This will help your floor drains work well when you need them. It will also prevent issues like  water damage left behind and flooding.

  • Often fill the traps

You can prevent gases and odors from  getting into your home by using traps. Pouring a gallon of water down every floor drain helps fill the traps.

  • Regularly clean your drains

Try to check your drains once each quarter and remove them. Use a liquid drain cleaner that is safe or you can contact drain cleaning Tinley Park.
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Advantages of Using a Security Camera Northbook

Of all the security camera companies Northbrook, SmartCam has done more security camera installations on Northbrook properties than anyone else. They specialize in home security camera installation on Northbrook homes, and cctv installations in many guard stations throughout the Northbrook area. Their cameras have prevented many crimes so far, and will continue to keep the area safer as new and improved camera installation in Northbrook continues. Here are a few reasons why you should consider them for your surveillance camera installation:

  1. For business redundancy, if there is a discrepancy between your staff’s entry and exit logs, and what they say the did, you can go to the camera and verify which is true. It is a great tool to keep everyone honest, and make sure there are no shenanigans off hours. 
  2. Eye witnesses are the worst witnesses. The stories rarely line up and the details get muddled over time. Having a digitally recorded view of any incident will allow a savvy viewer to ascertain the particulars of what happened without the chaos.   
  3. Cameras are a long standing crime deterrent. The more hidden the security camera, the more likely it will catch a criminal before they initiate their foolish decision. Exposed security cameras are a visual cue that they are being recorded, and should probably reconsider whatever they are planning.
  4. If a crime has occurred and no one was around to see it at the moment it was committed, security cameras offer evidence of the crime that is admissible in court.
  5. Lastly, security cameras keep people honest. There is often the temptation to do things you might not if the circumstances were different. It is sadly human nature. When the temptation is just too much, a security camera can be a welcome deterrent.

Warning sounds of your AC needing attention

Electrician repairing air conditioner indoors

5 AC Sounds You Shouldn’t Hear

Whether it is an outdoor AC unit that blows cool air into your home, or a smaller window unit that is only designed to cool a single room, we all know what an AC unit is supposed to sound like. They vibrate, they whirr, they humm. But what if your unit is making a strange noise you haven’t heard before?

There is always a possibility that your AC has a small issue like a twig in the fan chamber or something easily fixable with a little investigation. But sometimes, it could be more serious, and we want to clue you in on a few sounds you should look out for when inspecting your AC if you hear an odd noise you can always count on ac repair Schaumburg.

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Custom Draperies in Highland Park | Evmar Drapery Workroom

Hundreds of fabrics are ready to supply you with custom drapery, but it’s worth it to invest and hire the finest and most experienced contractor. Evmar Custom Draperies in Highland Park  is a family-owned business that has a long history and traditions worked out over the years. Our mission has always been supplying the customers with finest quality drapery in the Highland Park area. They’re not only great-looking, but also very practical and make your home more energy efficient. Our offer is quite wide and includes also custom pillows, bedding and canopies, cornices and valances and more. Our experts use only select materials that fulfill highest quality standards. What’s important, the products are easy to clean and maintain during everyday life.

Don’t look further and think about our custom drapery in Highland Park now! We can offer you best pricing and expert consultations. We can always discuss till the proper solutions will be found. Let us deliver you great quality service – your satisfaction is something that our team waits for.

Siding Company in Schaumburg – Buzz Siding Contractors

Now it’s summer and it’s probably the best time for your siding installation in Schaumburg! As Buzz Siding Contractors, we are ready to work for you and your home. Give yourself the peace of mind from knowing that your panels are in the best hands now.

We started the business years ago, but our mission hasn’t changed from this time. We want to provide the customers with solid panels that are not only durable and made of finest materials, but also great-looking and increasing home value. You choose panel style, but we are just beside, constantly ready to give useful advice. We have years of experience and truly know what homeowners in Schaumburg expect. You’ll have our full professionalism and involvement in your project. Our experts will go to great lengths to finish the job timely, but if anything will require more attention, we will inform you of that. Vinyl siding installation, siding replacement, and all types of repairs – we can handle them all.

Think about your building condition and consider our trusted siding contractors in Schaumburg. Scheduling is quite prompt and the prices are more than competitive.


Whenever you want to go green, bathroom remodeling is one of the biggest steps in promoting an environmentally friendly and healthy planet. An outdated bathroom can be one of the most aesthetically displeasing rooms at home. It is not only hard on the eyes but it also wastes a significant amount of water and uses more energy than necessary and can give your home less than stellar indoor air quality.

What If you find mold inside your house? It can be dangerous for you and your family!

It’s easy for any business or home to become infested with mold, even in the Chicago area. High levels of humidity in combination with a plumbing or roof leak can cause mold to grow and it can spread quickly in as little as 48 hours. The hazardous irritants and allergens that mold produces pose serious health risks to anyone exposed to the spores in the air, but it is especially harmful to those with pre-existing conditions like asthma.
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Tuckpointing Contractor Arlington Heights | VOYTEC Masonry


Professional tuckpointing in Arlington Heights area

I’ve noticed that my house is slowly falling apart. Not literally of course, but walls are definitely not keeping it together at all. It’s no wonder, walls are prone to deterioration due to changing weather conditions. Time passing by also does not do it any favor. It’s important to repair the damage as soon as possible, because it will lead to further degradation of the wall and therefore safety hazard. So as soon as I’ve noticed significant changes in the structure of the brick, I decided to call profesionals. This is when it got tricky – I wasn’t sure who to hire. I needed an experienced tuckpointing contractor from Arlington Heights and of course every contractor claims to be the best. I didn’t trust them one bit and decided to look through reviews. A company that caught my eye is called Voytec – they had particulary good opinions. So I decided to give them a try and did not regret it. Continue reading “Tuckpointing Contractor Arlington Heights | VOYTEC Masonry”