When your AC freezes – Common Air Conditioner Problems

Yes, it sounds odd but your AC can freeze over when it gets too cold. The main cause is normally restricted airflow. The evaporator coil inside your air conditioning unit sucks in the warm air from inside your house and pushes it through a filter back into your home. If the flow is restricted, not enough hot air reaches the coil.  This has a dual effect as the coil is not heated by flowing air and keeps on getting colder. The house is not cooling down meaning that the AC thinks it needs to work harder and it makes the coil colder to do so. Ice will begin to form which damages the coil. Ensure that you book regular HVAC service call-outs to avoid this. You can also keep your AC air vents clear and regularly change your AC air filter. Outdoor units especially need a thorough once-over to remove any dust and debris from the air vents.

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