Cryotherapy Lisle, IL

So you’re ready to try cryotherapy Lisle? You may have heard about this treatment, which uses extreme cold to help relieve pain and inflammation. But, what is it?

Whole body cryotherapy Lisle isn’t medical treatment. You don’t need a doctor to prescribe it for you. You can get whole-body cryotherapy at gyms, spas, and wellness centers. But keep in mind it isn’t an FDA-approved treatment for any condition.

Places that offer cryotherapy have special tanks or chambers that are cooled to extremely low temperatures. They may be as cold as –200 to –300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Most tanks are shoulder height. Your head usually stays at room temperature but some tanks enclose your entire body. You need to wear protective coverings on your hands, feet, and ears. Most people only wear underwear in addition to these. You stand in the tank for 2 to 4 minutes during the treatment.

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