Do you need to hire tuckpointing contractors Chicago, IL? Check what to look for

If you are seeing cracks or mortar missing from the spaces between your exterior bricks or stonework it may be time to call a professional company like Extreme Tuckpointing Contractors Chicago.

Mortar that has fallen out can compromise the waterproofing of your building and can allow moisture to penetrate the interior beams and structure of your home. Solid functioning tuckpointing will prevent this damage and its long term results.

Tuckpointing is a traditional masonry method, and not all tuckpointing contractors are the same. A skilled mason can remove the old mortar and match the new pigments closely with the existing color. Masonry takes experience and years of training, so don’t settle for a cheaper contractor and get a substandard repair. 

Extreme Tuckpointing Contractors Chicago are well known for their expertise in this field, and this is validated by our positive online reviews and many satisfied customers.

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