Check the following problems to prevent a roof catastrophe

Several factors can cause a roof catastrophe. Let’s have a look at them.

Leaks and water damage: When debris, snow, rain, ice, and sleet get under your roof layers, they can cause some problems related to water. Some of these problems include major leaks, rot, or mold.

You can get these problems when water stagnates on your roof as a result of poor gutter drainage. This might force you to start looking for roof repair Downers Grove contractors.

Animals: Small animals such as rodents, birds, and insects can cause mayhem on your roof’s structural integrity. It might be termites eating the materials of your roof or raccoons stealing shingles.

 You can get a gutter cleaning Downers Grove contractor to remove any critters before they cause further damage on your roof.

Blistering and shrinkage: With time, the roof membrane located under the shingles shrinks, which causes blisters and cracks on the upper layer. If you don’t renovate it, such problems can subject your roof to further damage.

Shoddy installation: Did you know that a poorly installed roof has a short lifespan? This makes it more likely to encounter issues. Some of the poorly installed roof signs include; premature aging, blisters, wrinkles, and adhesion issues.

Trees: Tree limbs that overhang can rub on your roof and destroy its surface with time. Furthermore, when they fall over the roof, they can cause more damage.

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