Tips on Maintaining Floor Drain

Many people tend to ignore floor drains in indoor plumbing. Floor drains usually look like the ones you see in showers and bathtubs because they are flushed with the surface. Real floor drains are found in garages, laundry rooms, patios, driveways and basement floors.
Due to this ignorance, a lot of homeowners don’t maintain their floor drain until it’s too late. You can avoid most issues involving floor drains with simple care and doing some pre-planning.  
Follow these simple maintenance tasks. This will help your floor drains work well when you need them. It will also prevent issues like  water damage left behind and flooding.

  • Often fill the traps

You can prevent gases and odors from  getting into your home by using traps. Pouring a gallon of water down every floor drain helps fill the traps.

  • Regularly clean your drains

Try to check your drains once each quarter and remove them. Use a liquid drain cleaner that is safe or you can contact drain cleaning Tinley Park.
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