How to Adjust Sliding Glass Shower Doors

When your sliding glass shower doors are not operating smoothly, it’s best to repair them quickly. Over time a shower door that drags on the lower track can damage both the door and the track, leading to a greater repair expense. A roller that drags on the upper track can also wear down requiring replacement. The first thing to do is to make sure that both doors are riding properly on the tracks inside the upper rail. It’s possible that simple lifting the door to guide the rollers back onto the track can repair the issue. If that attempt fails to rectify the dragging roller problem, removing the door to adjust, or even replace the rollers would be the next logical step. Check your doors for which type of configuration you have. Many come with a small plastic guide in the middle of the lower rail that simply requires you to remove a screw to release the guide. You may otherwise have a guide rail screwed directly to the door.

After the guide is removed, lift the doors off the tracks and make sure the rollers turn easily. If they do not, you can apply some silicone spray lubricant. Note, however, that some lubricants can damage plastic, so make certain you check the label before spraying.
If the lubricant has not solved the problem, it’s time to replace the rollers. It’s possible to use replacement rollers that are slightly larger or smaller than the original in many cases. If you are not sure, you can ask for help from your shower door store.
You may then screw the new rollers back into place and realign the doors back onto the tracks. You may have to remove the doors again a couple of times to adjust the rollers for a smooth operation.
This shower door installation is an easy project to finish the repair but you can also find help from a professional shower door contractor or the shower door store.You may consider purchasing new shower doors as an alternative. Today’s shower doors are well constructed and easy to handle. They come in a nice variety with great affordable prices too.

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