Warning sounds of your AC needing attention

Electrician repairing air conditioner indoors

5 AC Sounds You Shouldn’t Hear

Whether it is an outdoor AC unit that blows cool air into your home, or a smaller window unit that is only designed to cool a single room, we all know what an AC unit is supposed to sound like. They vibrate, they whirr, they humm. But what if your unit is making a strange noise you haven’t heard before?

There is always a possibility that your AC has a small issue like a twig in the fan chamber or something easily fixable with a little investigation. But sometimes, it could be more serious, and we want to clue you in on a few sounds you should look out for when inspecting your AC if you hear an odd noise you can always count on ac repair Schaumburg.

Warning sounds of your AC needing attention

If you hear any of these, contact TEM Control in Schaumburg immediately for repairs:

  • Squealing of Screaching: This can indicate a bad belt or motor bearing issue. The fix is a new belt and motor lubrication.
  • Rattling, thumbing or banging: This can be due to a bad blower assembly or a problem with the motor. Call for HVAC repair Schaumburg right away.

  • Thwapping: If you hear this, there is likely an object stuck in the blower blades. Call a pro for item removal.
  • Constant clicking: If coming from the compressor, it could be a defective relay that is trying to turn the unit on and off without success.
  • Rattling from outside the unit: You most likely have a loose fan or failing motor. 

As said before, if you have any of these issues, contact the air conditioning repair Schaumburg pros at TEM Control for immediate assistance. You don’t want your AC to fail in the hottest part of the summer. 

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