What should you consider before the bathroom remodel?

If you are planning your bathroom remodeling, always remember that functionality is the heart of your bath remodel. Below are some tips from Prusak Remodeling Contractors in Chicago for your bathroom lighting, storage, drainage, and more to ensure that your bathroom renovation will stay long.


The larger the drain, the less likely it is to clog. There is a lot of hair that goes down the drain every day, so you might want to consider upgrading your ½ inch pipe drains into a 2-inch drain. 


Plan for adequate lighting to brighten up the room and create an atmosphere. Discuss with your remodeling contractors on how to maximize natural light and install a dimmer switch to adjust the mood in your bathroom. 

Cabinets and Storage

If you plan to add cabinets and storage, make sure that they will fit in the available space. Make sure that they are functional and will be able to accommodate all your things while looking stylish. 

A window in the shower

Have your bathroom remodeling contractors install a frosted-glass panel for privacy and preferably one with tilt-and-turn windows that can be opened for fresh air but can still provide full privacy when tilted open. 

Shower Sills

A lot of bathroom remodeling Schaumburg companies now offer stone or quartz material for the shower sills. Choose your quartz material and make sure it is adequately sloped into the shower. 

Shower Floors 

There are a lot of options when it comes to your shower floors. But if you opt to use tiles, consider smaller tiles because they offer more traction. If you want to use larger tiles, make sure it is textured. Otherwise, they’ll be slippery and more difficult to slope. 

Shower Bases

Consider modern shower systems with clean bases and are made out of porcelain or acrylic for a cleaner and fresher ambiance. You have a lot of options; make sure to check them before making your final decision. 

Shower or Tub

If you had to choose between a bathtub or shower-only option, consider your bath routine or ask yourself which one is most useful. Always remember that bath remodel is done to enhance your lifestyle and cater to your needs. 

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